How to Ensure Poshness at Your Party


'How was the party?' is a question we hear often. It would be lovely wouldn't it, if the response to that question was, 'It was the poshest party I've ever been to.' When it comes to celebration ideas, everybody would love the opportunity to throw a posh party, maybe at an exclusive hotel venue with black ties and ball gowns and the very best in entertainment. These things, however, are beyond the budget of most party planners. Whether you are organising a corporate party or a private party, venues, outfits and entertainment can all be expensive but the one factor that can make the most difference to people's perceptions of your party is the catering.

This is great news because it only takes the smallest of carefully planned touches to your catering menu to turn something ordinary into an extraordinary culinary delight. Talk to your caterer and explain that you are after that touch of luxury, a delicacy that will be a treat for all your invitees but not a burden to your bank balance.

Ask anyone about posh food and they will quickly mention caviar. Caviar used to be a delight available only to the elite but now it can be bought at affordable prices online and straight from the manufacturer. What better way to welcome your guests or to add a touch of polish to your canapé party than with exquisite, one-day refrigerated caviar delivered straight to your door?

Your caviar can be served traditionally with Russian blinis, sour cream, chopped eggs and onions. Or you could maybe surprise your guests with a more contemporary approach and choose artisan bread with a vodka flavoured butter or crispy potato skins filled with smoked salmon and caviar. Whichever serving method you choose, caviar is a great choice for a starter, the canapé table or as a mains accompaniment.

You could even hold a 'caviar party' with caviar as the main theme, champagne to welcome your guests and refreshing vodka shots to enhance the caviar. If you want more recipe ideas to spark your imagination, we have plenty on our recipe page. From spaghetti with caviar and garlic butter to a Mexican tuna tartare, we are sure that you will find something to suit your posh party.

Caviar also makes a great gift, particularly if you are trying to impress the recipient. What more special way to give the gift of a diamond than with an accompaniment of champagne and the finest caviar?

At Attilus Caviar, we pride ourselves on delivering premium, pure caviar and caviar products straight to your door, direct from the manufacturer with no middle man. Our products are quality assured and sustainable. We use ultrasound technology to determine the optimum time for extraction. The sturgeon's eggs are then carefully cleaned and salted using the light salt or Malossol method preferred by connoisseurs. We might not be able to guarantee you the poshest party in the county but if you choose Attilus as your caviar supplier, we can guarantee the finest and freshest caviar treats for you and your guests at absolutely the best price.

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