Attilus Caviar delights gourmets at the Leipzig Gourmet Festival

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Attilus’ high-quality and exclusive Royal Oscietra caviar took a starring role at the Leipzig Gourmet Festival, thanks to an innovative dish from professional chef Ronny Siewert.

Connoisseurs from across Germany flock to the event at the Hotel Fürstenhof to enjoy the creativity of top chefs every year. Fans of gourmet food visit the event to enjoy a cacophony of flavours as they move from display to display and taste two dishes from each professional chef exhibitor.

This year, Siewert chose to make a fillet of Icelandic cod with potato mousse and lemon sour cream, finished with a touch of Attilus’ superior caviar produced by Siberian sturgeon.

“The diners love it so much that they’ll probably never let me take it off the menu!” Siewert explained. “Caviar from Attilus is a wonderful product. It’s nice and nutty, and pleasant on the palate. It can be superbly integrated into exclusive creations, because the saltiness of the sturgeon’s roe perfectly complements any little dish without overpowering it.”

The fine and exquisite taste of Attilus malossol caviar comes from eight years of careful rearing in outdoor ponds. Once harvested, the high-quality product is then shipped to gourmet restaurants and five-star hotels across Europe.

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