Attilus Caviar Awarded by the International Taste and Quality Institute

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Attilus Caviar has attained another mark of distinction for its exquisite, globally recognised caviar, after being bestowed with the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI).

A ceremony is planned for Wednesday 14th June in Brussels, and Attilus is proud to be lauded for the quality of its caviar, which is celebrated by connoisseurs and gourmet chefs from around the world. Coming from Attilus's private fishery in the German town of Jessen, the product represents one of the only genuine Oscietra caviars in existence. It comes straight from the manufacturer to the plate, meaning no middlemen are involved. In the production process, trusted traditions are combined with state of the art quality to produce caviar of the highest standards.

The Superior Taste Award gong is only awarded after a rigorous testing procedure by the ITQI, which is made up of a highly respected jury comprised of chefs and sommeliers from all over the globe. The individuals on the jury are hand picked by the ITQI and its prestigious partners, including the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI). Hailing from a number of different countries, they are chosen for their tasting experience, recognition of being at the top of their profession by guides such as Michelin, and talent in describing the gastronomic features of superior foods.

Attilus's receipt of the award is a testament to their experienced team of experts, who ensure diligent fish monitoring processes are implemented, and feeding plans are structured to ensure fish receive the right nutrition. It is all part of unrivalled sturgeon rearing which allows Attilus to provide fully traceable caviar which also puts a big tick in the box of sustainability. A direct, next day delivery service ensures professional chefs and caviar lovers are able to order online and receive one of the best products possible.

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