Scallops with White Wine Sauce and Attilus Caviar

Attilus recipe



Shallots 3 pcs
Dry white wine 180ml
Double cream 400ml
Flat leaf parsley 1 bunch
Salt, pepper
Royal Siberian Caviar


Pan fry scallops for 1/2 min on each side adding generous amount of butter (add thyme and garlic to the frying pan for additional aroma).

Sauce (for around 10 portions):

Fry 3 finely chopped shallots with butter until golden (for about 5/7 min),
add 180ml of dry white wine and reduce until the liquid is almost gone.

Add 400ml of double cream and stir in a bunch of flat leaf parsley.

Add salt and pepper.

Stir for a minute and place all the content in blender, mix on high speed until sauce is smooth.

Add sauce to the plate, place 3 scallops in the middle and top it up with caviar.

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