Give the unique gift of caviar this Easter

Attilus Caviar | Easter promotion | Buy Caviar onlineEaster is one of the great festivals in the Christian calendar, although its origins predate Christianity – some say the celebration is named after Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and dawn. 

Easter parades, maypole dancing and Morris dancing are all enjoyed across England at this time of year, while some regions have their own traditions – for example, egg rolling in Lancashire and bottle kicking in Leicestershire. People come together and spend time with their families, often over a meal such as roast lamb. People still also give gifts at Easter time. The most obvious Easter presents are Easter eggs, given to symbolise new life. Originally, birds’ eggs were given, brightly painted. According to Anglo-Saxon legend, the goddess Eostre discovered an injured bird and changed it into a hare for it to survive the winter. The animal could lay eggs, and decorated these every spring, leaving them as a tribute to the goddess. Today, children hunt for eggs that the Easter Bunny has left, and, of course, chocolate eggs are given as presents. Other best Easter gift ideas and treats at this time of year include a simnel cake, a light fruit cake with 11 marzipan balls representing the dozen apostles – minus Judas. Caviar, traditionally often enjoyed with eggs, is one of the best present ideas around, whether you’re buying for her, for him or for family generally. It’s healthy compared with chocolate, and is ideal as an Easter present because of its uniqueness and exquisite taste. 
So, if Easter eggs alone are not enough to sate the taste buds of your favourite food connoisseur, you could try presenting them with our caviar. Top quality, truly delicious, and sustainably raised, nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like pure culinary indulgence. We’ll even give you 11% off to help you delight the object of your affections with one of our truly incredible treats. Simply enter the code EASTER18 at checkout*.
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