Attilus Caviar Attends The Restaurant Show

Attilus At Restaurant Show

Attilus Caviar, the artisan sturgeon caviar producer, joined an incredible range of exhibitors at this year’s Restaurant Show in Olympia, London (3-5 October).

With consumer interest in fine food at its highest ever levels, Attilus embarked on a 3-day mission to introduce restaurant owners to the numerous benefits that caviar can deliver to businesses, particularly highlighting the part caviar plays in lifting dining experiences on special occasions.

Igor Stopnikov, Managing Director, Attilus Caviar said: “We wanted to show all those involved in the hospitality industry the versatility of caviar and the value it can bring to their business, and decided the best platform to communicate this message was at The Restaurant Show. Our work with restaurateurs throughout the UK shows caviar playing a key role in lifting menus, whether presented as an appetiser or as a garnish on a main dish.”

Attilus’ rare Siberian and Oscietra caviars are produced to preserve quality and maintain exclusivity. Like all farmed caviars though, it is significantly more affordable today than it has been in the past, when scarcity in the wild sturgeon population drove prices ever higher.

“Restaurateurs tell us that caviar helps to create a great atmosphere for customers when it’s on the menu.”

Attilus caviar can be tasted at an eclectic range of restaurants, hotels and private members’ clubs including Zima Bar in the heart of Soho, Chai Wu in Harrods and the Groucho Club among many others.

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